Our little wheezy

August was the first time that Deacon got sick. Mia had hand foot and mouth disease and soon after that it seemed like Deacon had too. He started wheezing shortly after. I brought him to Doctor McDonald and he sent us to the urgent care at the Children’s hospital here. Of course this was when Glenn was traveling in Europe for work so I needed to bring Mia. I picked her up from school during nap time since I didn’t know how long the visit would take. A few hours past dinner time we were discharged with an inhaler and spacer. Thank goodness we had the iPad for Mia. She behaves so well when she knows I’m stressed. I’m grateful for that.

Since then we visited the doctor almost once a week because D was wheezing or for a recheck. He was prescribed steroid nebulizers which seemed to do the best job until this last round when he continued to wheeze while he was getting them. This time, Doc prescribed Zantac for reflux. D took it earlier but I stopped giving it after the first wheezing episode. He seemed like he tolerated the feedings better. I blamed him not laying flat in bed on the fact he couldn’t breathe out of his nose. But since we’ve restarted the Zantac he hasn’t had any wheezing. I’m hoping it’s not a coincidence!

He has been rolling over like crazy the last two weeks but only from his back to his belly. Then he cries when he doesn’t want to be on his back anymore instead of flipping back himself. He also does this weird thing where he wiggles himself to move but does it on his back. He also is doing pretty good at sitting up and LOVES his jumpers. He is laughing more, grabbing more, and taking more in. And let me tell you, he adores his daddy. If Glenn is talking Deacon immediately looks in his direction. Mia on the other hand can yell, “Deacon, Deacon, yook at me!” And he only will when he wants to. Or if Mia can turn his face haha.

It’s fun to watch as they start to interact more. He smiles and laughs and her and she likes doing things to make him smile and laugh. I hope they become good playmates and friends!

Today d had sweet potatoes. And he didn’t spit them out! Trying more tomorrow. Welcome to the eating world baby!!




With Deacon’s love of viruses, and Mia’s love of our bed, let’s just say sleeping has been at a minimum recently.

Last night hubs had the idea to try swaddling him again. We had stopped doing that when he was sick because he slept in the napper by the bed and I wanted to be able to count his respiratory rate if I thought it was too fast. He also never really seemed to like being swaddled. Last night he slept from 9 until 330 this morning. Success!!!! Or fluke…guess we’ll see tonight.

If it works this week I think we will move D to his own room. Hopefully we can get Mia back in there too. Not worth a fight at the moment. And with hubs still working for the general, his schedule isn’t the most consistent. We should find out this week if he was selected on the education board for a school. If the “government shut down” doesn’t delay it. Hoping for a school in quantico. And that our friends get the same school. I can’t imagine Glenn having a 8-4 job.

Today is his 30th birthday! Mia is making decorations and I made him an ice cream sandwich cake for tonight.




A year later.

Well! It’s been almost a year since the last entry I made. Needless to say, we’ve been busy!

We had another baby!!


Deacon William was born May 31st, 2013. He weighed 8lbs 11oz!! From the time my water broke in Kroger Supermarket while I was grocery shopping with Jazz and Roman until we left the hospital on June 5th, it was the fastest and slowest few days of my life. He had to stay in the NICU for a few days to be observed for an infection and then was jaundice. Deacon’s face was pretty bruised from his journey.


Since he’s been home, we’ve been to the doctor countless times and even to the ER once! Dr. Mcdonald calls his lungs “twitchy” and wheezes when he gets a cold. Hopefully, it will be something he outgrows. He’s four months now and 17lbs 5.5oz. Here’s our big guy!!


It was a hard first few days when we brought him home but it’s been getting easier now. I heard the first three months are the hardest and that has been true for us. Mia loves her Deaky Brudda Boy and based on how much he smiles and laughs at her, I’d say he loves his sister girl.



Guess I lost track of time and forgot all about blogging!

Have some new and exciting things that are happening/happened in the while since I last typed here!

Mia has been doing well! We are working on potty training and she is doing better with the #2 part of that everyday. This week we started a toddler class at this place called my gym. I think she was overwhelmed with all the kids and activities to do. When we are at the park, or at the fall festival this weekend she could play around kids for a little before deciding if she wanted to play versus at this place where it was more structured. By the end she was doing better so we’ll keep going every week and hope that she starts to enjoy it more. They also have mom and dad nights out where we can drop Mia off from 5-8 for pizza and playing. That we might have to take advantage of that. We went out to dinner for Glenn’s dad’s birthday and got there 30 minutes before his family and my friend had Mia. We realized it was the closest thing we have had to a date since our anniversary 2 summers ago when Jazz was here to watch Mia.

Mia’s speech therapy starts tomorrow. I think that the speech therapist is the same one that came to evaluate her a few weeks ago. She seemed knowledgable and fun and Mia liked her. I am excited to see what she will do with Mia and what she will teach me to do with Mia for the days in between we meet. I can’t imagine Mia saying words and can’t wait for the day that she does.

We went home over Columbus Day weekend and were able to go to the Pocono Cupcake Challenge where my mom, JoniCakes, competed for the first time, and WON 1st place in the Best Autumn Theme Cupcake (best lookin’ as Glenn says).




We also took a trip to a “pumpkin patch” with one of my best friends, Amanda and Mia’s best friend, Briella. Mia will be a good big sister one day. She adores Briella! Even helped feed her a bottle. 




This past weekend we went to a fall festival in Virginia Beach that was really cool. Mia got to see tons of animals. She played in a playground, chased around goats and chickens, picked out some pumpkins, and went on a hayride!






This weekend we’re hoping to take a trip to the zoo as long as the weather holds up! and of course waiting for the arrival of Mister Roman!

Good weekend

This weekend we were looking forward to spending the day at the boardwalk for the North America Sand Sculpting Championship. We went last year and has a great time. Mia was smaller then and napped a lot more so we just strapped her to Glenn and were able to walk through the crowds. She now runs and has developed a dislike for her stroller.



So much has changed in a year! The sand sculptures were awesome but even tho we bribed Mia with a pink lemonade in a palm tree glass with a straw, she was way over due for a nap and unwilling to take one in her stroller when there were so many more interesting things going on. So we weren’t able to spend as much time there as we would have liked. Here are a few pictures…

Pink Lemonade, Mimi Size






Playing in the sand

















Saturday rained the whole day. Which did not deter Mia from wanting to go outside as soon as she woke up. Why? Who knows. She’s lucky Glenn offered to go stand outside with her. I guess I’m lucky too because I got some good pictures and it kept her from crying.


Looking forward to the weekend with hayrides, a pumpkin patch, and cupcake wars!